© Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation I Xiaolu Chu I Panelists attend the Private Sector Panel of The Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing, China on November 8, 2018. The Reinvented Toilet Expo is a three-day summit for private and public-sector leaders who want to accelerate the adoption of innovative sanitation technologies in developing regions around the world. I 2018

International Event Planning

How to Design and Facilitate Gender Intentional Events

Considering gender equality when designing and facilitating an event is important to ensure that people can participate, benefit and contribute equally regardless of their gender or other identities. This guide provides actionable recommendations for gender integration to inform each stage of event design, from planning to facilitation. This tool was designed for use by foundation staff when designing both foundation and partner-led events, but it can inform any organization’s event design.

How to Design and Facilitate Gender Intentional Events December 2022